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Indomie has launched new flavours of instant noodle which is Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken and available in all hypermarket and supermarket in Malaysia. But is hard to conduct sampling activity offline to spread the word-of-mouth awareness due to the Covid-19 outbreak.



Invite the local micro-influencers to try out the new flavour of Indomie Mi Goreng Barbeque Chicken and write their honest review on the posts in order to shout out the new launch and create reliable reviews of their product on social media.

As Indomie often encourage the consumers to enjoy their instant noodle in a unique way, so we have launched this campaign with the name of #MyIndoHabit which welcome the micro- influencers creativity to cook the instant noodle with their own style in order to get attached with the local.


To engage micro-influencers across Malaysia which has a minimum of 5k followers and above. These micro-influencers were carefully filtered and selected based on their characteristics presented on Instagram and their sphere of influence.

The micro-influencers are required to share how they used to cook Indomie in Malaysian style and the honest review of how the newly launched product tastes like. Also, explaining how they loved the taste of it, and recommending the products to their peers through social media.

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