Introducing a chiller lies in deep inside a building to international market


Daikin, as one of the largest air conditioning companies in the world, has earned a worldwide reputation for providing high qualities products and expertise to meet variable requirements from different customers. But introducing Water Cooled Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller (WMTC) to the audience was a challenge for Daikin. The public is unfamiliar about WMTC due to its hidden in big buildings, and Daikin struggles to emphasize to the public about the new revolution and environmentally friendly WMTC.


To deliver the best first time to the audience, we present WMTC as the “hidden weapon” in every building in the ASIA market while communicating to Daikin’s B2B clients with eye-catching advertising materials showcasing WTMC’s groundbreaking features and how WMTC was designed to connect with the audience in order to provide the greatest experience.


We go back to the basics by showing the audience how WMTC makes a good chiller using 3D modelling videos.


Creating a vibe in multilingual by going above and beyond redefining the next generation technology while maintaining the ecological balance and surpassing others with superior indoor air quality.

Scope of services

Video production . 3D Production . Copywriting & translation . Voice Over Local adaptation

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