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Introducing a trendy product to new market in a questionable way to trigger their interest



As a new brand in the saturated home appliances market, getting attention for the newly launch product – Toros Pro Chef was a big challenge. Also, the brand aims to increase its fan base by tapping into the Malay market.


An air fryer was a new trend in 2019. We discovered that Toros Pro Chef has a multifunction and time-saving features which provide a good opportunity for Toros to champion the notion that it is more than just an air fryer that consumer usually know.

Hence, we conceptualised the campaign #ProChefTauKeTak to emphasize on its unaware functions.


“How long does it take to fry pieces of chicken?”

We kicked off the campaign with quizzes and street interview which included questions like “How long does it take to bake muffins?” & etc. Then, audiences were introduced to multifunction Toros Pro Chef which can be used to cook different types of dishes in shorter time.

Integrated professional generated content & user-generated content to build word of mouth

We also collaborated with lifestyle influencers on social seeding for further visibility. A campaign video was launched to highlight how does the multifunction product benefits consumers with busy lifestyle.

Apart from that, we organized a contest for audiences to win the product. We invited a local Malay influencer – Yuyu Zulaikha to host a Facebook LIVE featuring Toros Pro Chef while revealing the winners of the contest.

Finally, the product received a good sales response in the e-commerce & retail channel

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Integrated marketing . Go-to-market strategy . Social media marketing . Influencer marketing . Digital Ads . Video production . Creative production

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