Top Five Branding Tips Every Business Should Know

You should, by now, know that the utilisation of social media ought to be a staple in every business, especially for marketing and of course, branding. But we also know that social media branding strategies can seem daunting to undertake sometimes.

Brand consistency is always a challenge at every point, and having social media as one more channel, which is often casual, can be confusing even the best at times.

We at Wofollow are no strangers to launching successful social media branding campaigns – generally, you would want to stick to some core principles for social media branding the same way you would approach branding on other channels.

Here are our top five tips just for you by our Content Marketing Manager, Shawn Cher.

  1. Constant messaging

There’s a reason why people instinctively remember taglines like ‘Just Do It’ (Nike), ‘Finger Licking Good’ (KFC), or ‘The best a man can get’ (Gillette). And it’s not because these taglines are particularly memorable or meaningful – it’s because it’s been repeated over and over so often that it becomes imprinted in the memories of people that they can easily associate it with a brand, and actually remember the brand. And that’s a core facet of branding strategies – find a unique tagline, and stick to it consistently, and people will remember your brand.

  1. Less is more

Copywriting is one part of branding – the other is great design, which fulfills the visual aspect of aesthetics for a brand. If you notice, many big brands in the world have logos and visuals that are not particularly complex, colourful or cluttered: Less is certainly more when it comes to visual elements. Visuals ought to be straightforward, meaningful and relevant to your brand, product or service because, psychologically, it helps people form associations between these elements. The better the association, the stronger the imprint on their memories. Here’s an example from Coca Cola:

  1. Standardise your messaging

Yeah, memes are great and all, but will they work for your brand? That would depend on many factors, one of which is the kind of image people already have of your company. Your brand identity is often forged early on, and while some brands stick to being ‘professional’ and eschew memes and casual content, some brands (notably, those appealing to younger demographics) may choose to indulge in casual content. Whatever it is, always stick to your brand ‘tone’. For example, Durex is known to be ‘cheeky’ with their messaging, so they employ sexual humour, sometimes with memes, but a brand like Anmum (milk formula) chooses to appeal to a more mature crowd, and sticks to less casual forms of content such as providing knowledge about babies and children.

  1. Know your audience

This is not just essential to the core of business building, but also greatly influences the kind of marketing and branding strategies you employ. You should ideally know the demographics of your audience such as age, gender, nationality, education, and spending power before you embark on promotional campaigns. For example, Starbucks does away with the memes or humour, and chooses to showcase aesthetics such as great shots of drinks or the atmosphere/décor in their outlets because they know the kind of demographic they aim at (middle to upper middle class, working, young, aesthetically inclined).

  1. Employ the trust-building mentality first

Branding can be arduously long and won’t show immediate results. That’s the nature of branding – it takes time to build up. Therefore, it is important for brands to connect with their audience by providing them content that isn’t just barreling for sales all the time. People like to take their time to learn about a brand, its services, products, and what the brand stands for. Build trust with your audience by generating daily, non-ad content relevant to their lives, as this can generate interest in your products/services, and lead to a desire to purchase from your brand.

Here’s an example by Buffalo:

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