The Rise of Influencer Marketing: Wofollow Launches #KitaSupportLokal to Help Level Up Local Brands

Wofollow is a content marketing agency which combines branding strategy, advertisement production and influencer outreach. In 2017, Wofollow has established an in-house KOL platform – Rexer, which serve as a gathering point and network for Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) from Southeast Asia. Over the years, Rexer has made contact with over a thousand KOLs, allowing an effective word-of-mouth marketing for brands in various regions.

“We are seeing local SMEs struggle to find the right marketing activities that yield the best results. As such, we have decided to launch #KitaSupportLokal campaign to help local brands to strengthen brand visibility and reputation through influencer marketing,” said Ally Kuah, Wofollow’s Operations Director.

The #KitaSupportLokal campaign is expected to benefit 63 local brands in FMCG and beauty product industry during 63th Merdeka year, by collaborating with KOLs to generate buzz around the product on Facebook or Instagram, with total media value up to RM787,500. The initiative offers brands:

  • Authentic product reviews from micro-influencers
  • Minimum 50x branded image posts on Facebook / Instagram

“Influencer marketing is the fastest growing customer acquisition method over the last few years. We believe that the initiative can successfully build trust, authenticity as well as online presence for local brands,” says Ally.

Join Wofollow in growing local businesses by being a part of the #KitaSupportLokal campaign. To learn more information and terms and conditions about the initiative, please visit or contact our business unit via email: [email protected]

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