Highlighting the challenges of a breastfeeding mom to address market demands



The biggest challenge faced by the brand was the strategy to stand out and differentiate themselves in the saturated market.

There is an intense competition online and on the retail front with so many competitors selling their breast pump at a relatively low or competitive price.


We have helped the brand to determine the three USPs of the breast pump as the key message to deliver – hands- free, wireless and lightweight. The campaign focuses on highlighting the challenges that a working breastfeeding mom face and provide the solution to address customers’ needs.

We have also come up with the tagline #PumpThisWay, this tagline is used across the board from content, design, video to other marketing materials.


Phase 1: Campaign Video (Create awareness)

We adopted a public health strategy which seeks to bring attention and change behaviour not just for those who issues might affect, but for all. The campaign kicked off with three thought-provoking videos which use metaphor to highlight the problems encountered by breastfeeding mothers at work.


Phase 2: Social Media Content

⊕ The campaign also leveraged Facebook and Instagram as an ongoing initiative to promote product knowledge and educational content regarding breastfeeding right after the campaign videos were launched. All social media posts were timed for maximum reach and exposure.

⊕ Product Knowledge (Stimulate interest and encourage action)

⊕ Educational Content


Phase 3: Influencer Marketing (Trigger desire and encourage action)

To amplify its communications to the target audiences, we have decided to engage with the help of key opinion leaders (KOLs) from the mum communities.

Phase 4: Community Engagement

A giveaway contest was organized to wrap up the campaign and encourage a steady stream of community content on the campaign message — #PumpThisWay. We celebrated the excitement to welcome a newborn by turning the content direction to “Are you ready to #PumpThisWay?”.

Scope of services

Integrated marketing . Go-to-market strategy . Social media marketing . Influencer marketing . Digital Ads . Video production . Creative production

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