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Turning on ground event into record-breaking virtual event during pandemic period



Master Louis Loh will host a wealth strategic conference every year around January or February. However, on ground event has been restricted due to the pandemic and there is a need to change to a new channel in order for Master Louis Loh to engage with his supporters.



Switch the wealth strategic conference to the online platform. A virtual event was organized where Master Louis Loh can engage with the participants thru virtual platform.


Two days paid virtual event with more than 14,000 virtual event attendees

In order to deliver the best experience to the audiences, the team has rented an event space with professional stage design, lighting and audio setups.

To increase the engagement during the virtual event, the tickets were being priced differently based on needs of the participants. The participants with higher price ticket can enjoy the privileges to interact with Master Louis during the event.

Malaysia Book of Records as Largest Participation In A Virtual Commercial Feng Shui Conference

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Virtual event production . Event management . Video production

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