Visualising electromagnetic fields (EMF) radiation in daily life to promote the only app boost your health



E-Booster comes with a technology called eT-RT, which is applying the principles of quantum physics and subtle energies from medical elements into the technology. The technology itself can deliver quick, easy and innovative solutions for health and wellness while the market is not aware of such technology.


We conceptualized the campaign with the brand app’s tagline “The only app to boost your health” to emphasize the principle of E.booster technology which is reinstating human bio-field and how does it able to supplement the human body health through the advanced technology of quantum physics and subtle energies.


To create a shared belief that today’s audience resonates positively, we’ve launched an awareness commercial about how the modern lifestyle has affecting human body health. The creative message connects to “The only app to boost your health” attribute to emphasize simply turn on the E.Booster app, and it able to protect human body health from the harmful effect that produce by electronic devices that we used on most of the time.

Meanwhile, to continue building strong connections with social media audiences and remain relevant. We’ve kicked off a bunch of social media content that’s related to the technology, healthy living, and how the app able to improve the customer’s lifestyle.

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