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Developing an IP character that educates Malaysian the importance of aircon servicing



Acson Malaysia was originally focusing on selling air conditioners but they aimed to diversify their business by introducing a brand-new service – Acson Premier Plus Service as their new revenue stream. Keeping in mind that people nowadays are neglecting the importance of aircon servicing, the brand keen on highlighting the importance of it and thus, introducing their new service.



To best represent the service, an IP character was developed. It is believed that a brand character helps consumers to recognize a brand as more trustworthy.

Besides, a storytelling video is produced to educate the audiences on the importance of aircon servicing and at the same time introducing the service.



IP – AcsonMan

An IP character named AcsonMan is created to represent Acson Premier Plus Service. The character wears a red suit and a bow tie which resonates the Acson brand colour, red. On top of that, the character has a friendly and professional identity that creates a sense of reliability among audiences.


Janganlah Tak Cuci

A storytelling method was used in the video, showing the issues that the audience may encounter in their daily life. The video has pointed out the pain points and the consequences when one do not service aircon often, such as sneezing, skin allergy and high electric bill.

At the end of each video, AcsonMan appeared to introduce the service they provide, indicating the importance to service aircon and giving a call-to-action message to invite audience to try out on the AcsonMan Premier Plus Service.


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