Influencer Marketing: The power of they said

We’re all too familiar with the traditional forms of marketing – colourful, loud and in your face, we see them all the time on TV, radio, highway billboards, newspapers, social media and more. The art of marketing has grown over the decades, though, and thankfully, it’s not always in your face all the time anymore. In fact, done well, you wouldn’t even recognise it as marketing to begin with!

Enter the world of influencer marketing, with its core concept being the use of ‘word of mouth’ by ‘influencers’.

Influencers are personalities who are popular, have an influential presence online, and who have a substantial following. Influencers will endorse or promote your product or service on their social media channels to their followers, and can be a highly effective form of marketing as it’s built on the trust their followers have for that particular influencer.

Here at Rexer, we’ve worked on multiple influencer marketing campaigns for established brands such as Sharp, Meizu, Taobao Store by Lumahgo, Chizu, Buffalo, ezbuy, Razerpay (aka MOLpay), and RT Pastry among others, so hear us out when we say we know what we’re talking about.

The Influential Value

“Influencers are content creators themselves, and can come from any background, field or industry. In the ever-evolving new media landscape, influencer marketing can greatly help new brands get noticed quickly, or help established brands grab a larger market share,” said Ally Kuah, Wofollow’s Operations Director.

They do this by posting about brands in a positive manner, such as via a paid review. Influencers are unique personalities and their followers tend to more readily trust what they say, which will help to build trust between their audience and your brand.

“Influencers greatly impact the purchasing decisions of their followers, in the result of “the power of they said”, it helps companies increase brand awareness by improving brand imprinting when they introduce a product or service to their followers,” says Ally.

Influencers: Let’s get technical

With all that said, we do recognise that there can be times where it can be challenging to discern whether an influencer is worth the marketing bucks. That’s where social metrics come in, aside from gauging whether their followers match your product’s or service’s demographics.

At Rexer, we’ve come up with a categorisation guide for influencers, who are differentiated into five main categories:

1. Celebrities & Mega influencers
They include musicians, movie stars, athletes, etc, who have gained their fame through offline means. They command the highest influencing power as they are extremely well-known by the market at large. We are proud to have worked with Zahirah McWilson for Sharp campaign in 2018.

For Mega influencer, they are either upcoming celebrities, or non-celebrities who have amassed at least a million followers. They tend to lead niches of their own, such as beauty, lifestyle, tech, or even science.

2. Macro influencers
They have amassed between 101k to 999k followers, are high profile, and often cover a broad range of demographics. They’re really good for brand awareness campaigns or product launches.

3. Micro influencers
They are the ‘ordinary folks’ who have managed to amass between 11k – 100k followers, often with high engagement rates. They usually rise to fame through their content on specific subjects (e.g. gaming, travel, cooking, etc.)

4. KOC (Key Opinion Consumers)
They are those who create very specific content for a specific niche, usually product reviews, product demos, unboxing videos, etc. They have at least 1k followers, and are deemed as very credible voices of opinion.

Here at Rexer, we have a database of influencers in regions you can tap for all your marketing needs. We take great care to do the best for every client and with our extensive experience in the industry, we go to great lengths to consider all aspects of your business’ needs to find a good match for you.

If you’re looking to improve sales (who isn’t?!) and explore influencer marketing, why not talk to us to see how we can help? Call us today at 03-5888 8320 , or email us at [email protected] to schedule an appointment right now!

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