[Announcement] The Rise of the Rex: Wofollow’s Strategic Upgrade

As of January 9, 2020, Wofollow Sdn Bhd will be rebranding with a new logo and reorganising into three distinct business units to better serve businesses, and further expand Wofollow’s brand influence in the digital content advertising industry. These changes will apply to Wofollow’s website, social media, application portals, and business documents, among others.

Established in 2016, Wofollow is a digital content advertising company which combines advertisement production and digital media, and reaches four major cities in Southeast Asia. The strategic upgrade aims to integrate its digital media and influencer resources.

“In the coming future, we will be better able to execute the company’s methodology to produce higher-quality advertising content and empower our clients for more efficient brand communication in the Southeast Asian market,” said Executive Director Gary Boon, who also expresses his gratitude to the company’s customers and partners for their support.

Formerly a head of marketing for a Fortune 500 company, Gary Boon believes that, regardless of traditional or digital media, content production and media buys are different professional fields, as the production of online advertising content requires speed and creativity to meet the rapid changes of the Internet, while media buys, also known as performance advertising, has its advantages in the transparency of advertising data.

“As such, we will be reorganising into three clear business units: Rexco will be our brand communications unit, Rexpo will be our video marketing unit, and Rexer will be our influencer marketing unit,” said Boon.

Rexco – Brand Communications Unit 

Rexco’s main task is to enable brands to effectively communicate and infuse the brand’s soul into its communications on the Internet. As a brand communication agency, Rexco has served over 60 brands, including Meizu, Buffalo, Chek Hup White Coffee, and Acson. 

After the strategic upgrade, Rexco will focus on incorporating creativity and technology to better benefit brands through digital advertising.

Rexpo – Video Marketing Unit

Rexpo is committed to turning ideas into memorable images. From scriptwriting, shooting, to post-editing, the aim of Rexpo is to “let consumers remember you.” Over the past four years, over 100 works have been produced for clients both domestic and foreign, with some videos very well-received with over 4 million hits. 

Moving forward, more high-quality video content will come from the in-house Rexpo Channel, to ensure brands get higher exposure.

Rexer – Influencer Marketing Unit 

Rexer understands that the most popular channel for online advertising is through word-of-mouth. Over the past four years, Rexer has made contact with over a thousand Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) in the region, with hundreds of collaborations to their name. With the strategic upgrade, Rexer will launch their in-house KOL platform Rexer.app, which will serve as a gathering point and network for KOLs from around the world, allowing for more effective word-of-mouth marketing for brands in various regions.

“We will also be injecting new resources and talents into each business unit, as a responsible and efficient digital content advertising company with industry expertise, we look forward to helping our clients make their brands speak louder” shared Boon.

Log on to www.wofollow.com, or contact Operations Director Ally Kuah at +603-5888 8320 for more details.