4 Video Production Trends You Need to Watch Out for In 2020

In our last article, we spoke to Wofollow’s Content Marketing Specialist Eng Kah Hwei, on the four key trends in social media for 2020. Social media is an essential part of every brand’s repertoire of marketing strategy, and 2020 brings with it an increased appetite for video-based content.

Roy Tan, Director of Photography at Wofollow shares with us some of the top video production trends for this year.

1. Video will be bolder and daring

There was a time where delicately crafted videos that take their time to build up were popular, but now is not it. Consumers are getting more impatient, and want their content now, now, now. 2020 will bring a refreshing change in the way videos are styled, as subtleness will be retiring in favour of bolder, stronger content that dares to push boundaries.

2. There will be an emphasis on compelling storylines and cinematography

Ever scratched your head at adverts for breath mints that made no sense? Us too. Consumers are pickier about their entertainment, and will have an appetite for more meaningful, compelling and quality content that’s supported by tasteful, professional cinematography. This means having proper storyboarding with impactful storytelling and messages, and paying attention to things like lighting, angles, saturation, brightness and other small details.

3. 360-degree panoramic shots will be increasingly popular

Full 360-degree shots have a distinct advantage: to allow an immersive experience for the viewer. With increasing support on social media such as Facebook and Youtube, such content is interactive and will allow the viewer to pan the camera by clicking and dragging. Popular overseas, and gaining popularity over here, the futuristic nature of 360 shots will allow viewers to feel like they’re part of the action, and thus increase engagement on your content.

4. Handheld recordings will become more popular

Remember the Blair Witch Project? Yeah, cameras have come a long way since, and they’ve gotten more powerful, smaller, and convenient, fitting in the palm of your hand. This makes them suitable for things like weddings, parties, small events and even for small businesses! The best thing about them? They’re also way more budget friendly, without sacrificing quality.

5. Top topics: Music and dance

Music and dance happen to be some of the most popular content on TikTok, especially when it comes to viral trends. Even before the worldwide quarantine, people have been pulling their families and friends together to make and consume choreographed dances to songs, posting them to every social media platform available. Psychologically, it makes sense because music and dance are feel-good activities that make people feel happier and positive – which of course, helps with increasing engagement on your video too.

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