We are Online-to-Offline (O2O) platform that connects internet users and retailers with endless offers and promotions.

Company Overview

Vision and Mission Statement

To be Asia Pacific’s leading O2O platform, providing high value traffic products to retail business.

(1) To promote and improve O2O industry through continuous improvement and innovation that exceeds customer expectations.

(2) Embrace diversity, accept challenges, adopt international standards and good business practices and at the same time, hope to inspire the rest to follow suit.

(3) Acknowledge and appreciate our people as those who grow with us and for their full dedication.

Our Ads Solutions Help Retailers Grow

Core Team Members

Gary Boon

Business & Marketing Strategies
Ex-TCL, Ex-Huawei

Ally Kuah

Operation, Planner
Ex-Poh Kong, Ex-T.A.S.


Product Research & Development
Mices Technology, Youbeli


Online Magazine, Rexpo Network, Mobile Coupon